vswr and impedance matching sript

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Calculate single stage amplifier gains

Power gain, available power gain, transducer power gain, unilateral transducer power gain.

( For definitions see the associated paper in the SPG website)


s11 magnitude:
s11 (angle, Deg)
s21 magnitude
s21(angle, Deg)
s12 magnitude
s12 (angle, Deg)
s22 magnitude
s22 (angle, Deg)
Zo ( ref impedance, ohms)
ZL (output impedance, ohms)
ZS (input impedance, ohms)
TIN(input reflection coefficient magnitude)
TIN(input reflection coefficient angle)
TOUT(output reflection coefficient magnitude)
TOUT(output reflection coefficient angle)


Power gain
Available power gain :
Transducer power gain
Unilateral transducer power gain
Unilateral transducer power gain with [ zero I/O Reflection coeffcients]