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Signal Processing Group Inc, designs, develops and manufactures MMICs, RF ICs, ASIC and RF/wireless modules using advanced semiconductor, PCB and assembly technologies.We also provide supporting applications programs in C/C++ Windows, Javascript, HTML, Python etc. Please contact us at

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RF design and rf ic design is somewhat of a black art within the rf circuit design arena. A rf ic is really a type of asic chip that operates at high frequencies to yield rf devices. These device designs are also part of the larger family of analog circuit design. This is also a subset of integrated circuit design or IC design. RF design can be categorized as discrete rf design and integrated rf design. Discrete rf design is usually done using the printed circuit board as the foundational substrate with surface mount passive devices and rf ic active components. RF design, the integrated rf design, is also part of the genre of asic chip design. RF IC design is usually based on the principles of analog circuit design or IC design. Read more... RF ICs, Rf design, modules, applications software from Signal Procesing Group Inc.
We also provide pcb and aluminae based modules for applications such as RF amplification, detection, frequency synthesis, frequency division, RF power amplfication, low noise amplification, rf switching, voltage references, etc., etc. For these applications we use either our own devices ( both packaged or chip-on board). Sometimes standard commericially available high performance products from otehr vendors may also be used. In such a case the performance and reliability of the exernal vendor device is carefully validate before usage.The chip on board technology puts a semiconductor die right on the board and connects to the rest of the circuit theough the bond wires from the die. A "hybrid". This technology is used when a packaged part will disrupt the performance of the circuits in some way.These modules are available for sale. Read more... RF ICs, Rf design, modules from Signal Procesing Group Inc.
We provide software applications programs in five different categories: (1) High level application programs in C/C++ Windows, OSX and Linux. The second level is code for design support such as MATLAB. (3) Smart phone APPS for various applications.(4) Code for interfacing boards and devices to interfaces such as USB, SPI etc. Additionally we can provide web type coding such as HTML, javascript and php. These latter applications are mostly used in providing a user friendly or database environment for users of products that are linked to certain WiFi or wireless products such as networks. Read more...

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