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Signal Processing Group Inc., is offering PCB level design, development, layout, fabrication and assembly services. We will need a schematic, critical path/node instructions, a BOM and placement restraints. We will layout the PCB, verify it, generate the gerber files, fabricate it, assemble it and test it if given the test vectors or conditions.. Some other information required would be the kind of substrate preferred, thickness, silk color and instructions, type of finish, soldermask color, copper weight for the layers. Typical turnaround for simple circuits ( less than 50 components is usually about 3 days + shipping). Low cost fabrication and delivery would be about 20 days. Assembly time would depend on the complexity but for simple citcuits would be about a day for prototypes. We can do surface mount down to 0402.Volume assembly would be quoted at the time of contract negotiations.

If you already have a gerber file we can fabricate and assemble the board given the BOM and the basic fabrication parameters listed above. Or we can simply fabricate the board only.If your need is immediate a board fabrication can be done in about a week at very reasonable rates. If your need is not urgent then the cost of fabrication goes down hugely. In this case the timeline would be around 15 to 20 days. Assembly time would be additional to this.

Please call or email us for quotes on your project. Our response time is 24 hours.

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