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Signal Processing Group Inc. is located in Tempe, Arizona.We have been serving customers for more than 20 years in the design, development and manufacture of analog and RF/wireless ASICs and modules. Please contact us at 866-487-1119 or by email at To get started please click here.


A brokaw voltage reference design

A CMOS 4 bit synchronous counter

Sigma - delta oversampled converter

A PWL spice file generator

Convert LC prototype filters to active integrator filters

An EXCEL template for small pcb loop antennas.

Design considerations for a high speed
current source digital to analog converter

RF Amplifier IP available

A study of frequency modulated signals and simulation techniques.

Voltage and current balun techniques.

Tutorial paper on CRC encoding for error control in data communication systems

A white paper on Multirate sampling in digital circuits and systems.

Accurate formulas for calculating the equivalent circuit of right angle bends in microstrip.

The relationship between bandpass filter response, gain and bandwidth of operational amplifiers.

Inductance, mutual inductance and associated models for bond wires

A calculator for the fusing current of bond wires

An analysis of qpsk operation using graphical techniques

A description of phase noise and jitter in oscillators and their causes.

Equivalency of series and parallel form of circuits.

A tutorial on Power Spectral Density.

EXCEL file for the schmitt trigger oscillator.

Antenna specifications and brief descriptions.

RF Amplifier specifications and brief descriptions.

Flicker noise in MOSFETs

An antenna factor calculator

An effective PCB permittivity calculator for antenna design

This report describes the issues of image frequency in radio receivers

This report describes the image reject mixer

An image frequency calculator

A SFDR calculator

Properties of GAN and GaAs

Impedance matching simulations using PSPICE

Coplanar waveguide design and analysis

A calculator for the flicker noise in MOSFETs

An EXCEL file with the data for the analysis of microstrip characteristic impedance

A calculator for the rms jitter from measured phase noise

A calculator for the differential voltage of two base emitter voltages with currents through the bipolars

A floating bipolar current source circuit

A temperature stable/independent bipolar current source circuit

A calculator for the width of a PCB with a given current through it.

The relationship of the PAPR ( peak to average power ratio and the the number of sub - carriers in a multi-carrier communication system

Introduction to design of a Wilkinson divider/combiner

QPSK unit waveforms for constructing the QPSK composite signal

QPSK coherent demodulation technique

Typical PLL specifications

Analytical expressions for PLL acquisition behavior

A VCO behavioral model using PSPSICE ABM

The RF power amplifier RAPP model

A linear PLL model: Using PSPICE ABM simulation

Basics of a parabolic reflector antenna

Basics of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna

Convert a complex number from rectangular to polar format

Calculate TIN using s-parameters ( modified input reflection coefficient)

Calculate TOUT using s-parameters ( modified output reflection coefficient)

Calulator for the flicker noise of a MOSFET

Calulator for conversion of noise figure and noise temperature

Microwave amplifier single stage gains

Microwave amplifier single stage gain javascript calculator

Hemt absolute basics

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